Easel won't connect to Millright

I am trying to get Easel Pro to see and connect to my Millright Mega V XXL and it won’t. It just sits at the GRBL screen when setting up a new machine. I have even told Easel what COM port to look at and still nothing. What could be the issue?

The machine runs fine in UGS.

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I have the exact same issue. Did you ever get any answers or find a solution?

He uses openbuilds control as the sender …
I think its either a browser, anti-virus, or other firewall issue not allowing the browser access to the usb port, but without IT staff to assist it couldn’t be sorted… however since openbuilds is a windows installed program it was able to gain access to the port and that’s what he’s using these days… (were actually chatting on FB about some of his carves right now, :laughing:)

Obviously this isn’t the ideal solution, but hunting down whats stopping the connection isn’t a simple process, you could start by ceck your port settings in device manager, make sure the easel driver is installed (go to machine inspector within easel and it should show the driver at the top, if it shows then its installed if it doesn’t show then the easel driver isn’t installed)…

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