Easel won't load my project in the correct size

I have loaded a guitar body and neck into Easel that I exported as a .svg from Adobe Illustrator. The neck for instance is 26.25 x 3.39 in illustrator but when I load it into Easel it’s like 20 x 1.8?

Hi Grant - if you haven’t already, you can reach out directly to our Customer Success team via help@inventables.com

When you use the SVG import it loads assuming the units are 150 DPI. It doesn’t matter if there are statements overriding that in the file. It will still use 150 DPI.

It is usually possible to make changes in your SVG file by manually editing the scale( command. If you want to share your SVG, the forum can probably help you.

Interesting. I did not know that about 159 dpi.

svg protocol does not contain absolute dimension data. Best workaround is draw a bounding box with known dimensions around your svg design. Import and resize the box to the wanted size. Then delete the box.

Thanks everyone. I just discovered the dimensions under the shape tab.