Easel - x-carve communication unstable?

I work on an Apple laptop and the laptop gets plugged in and out of the x-carve. Every time I plug it in, Easel has a problem finding the x-carve. After some restarting and plugging the x-carve in and out and/or a bit of fumbling with the g-shield the two machines eventually find each other every time. But the process gets a bit annoying.
Is there a way to find out what is causing this repeating problem?

Bugs me too.

But my routine is power up my MacBook, plug USB in to MacBook and X-Carve, power on the X-Carve, then startup Easel. Seems to hold connection then.



I work on a PC. Had no trouble finding my X-Carve the first 15-20 times. Now it can’t find it at all. Restarted X-Carve, my computer, my browser…When I plug it in to my USB on the computer my computer sees it and I can find it in my devices. But it takes me to machine set-up and I enter the COM port it is connected to and it just searches forever with no luck. I try then to open it in a different browser and it can’t even find Easel local and is asking me to download the software again. I guess at least it shows the software in the browser than can’t find my XCarve. This machine consistently has issues. Any help would be appreciated

@MatthewSchubert Make sure your windows firewall is off or cleared for your connection and hasn’t been turned on during a recent update

Thanks Ian, I’ll try if that works for me too…

Any more details on your machine?
OS version?
Stock USB cable or one you supplied?

I am using my X-Carve on an older MacBook and a brand new MacBook Pro and neither have any issues connecting.

Have you tied using another computer to rule out the possibility of faulty drivers or computer? It might be a good idea to go once over all your wiring on the router to check for stray or loose connections.

If you can use another computer without issues, this may point to an issue somewhere with the routers electronics or assembly. On the other hand, if the machine performs as it should, then it may be a good idea to check the computers health. Maybe the drivers need to be reinstalled?

Unfortunately, with DIY machines and peoples own computers at use, its difficult to diagnose issues without enough info. I can understand the frustration but this should have been a calculated risk before you dove into a DIY setup. We can try to help but we need a bit more info.

I gave this a go after much frustration on the CNC stoping mid carve. I used the startup recommendations and got a successful carve, Ya! umm nope, Doh! :thinking: when to do it again and nope, back to not functional.

I am going to remove all the drivers as that’s my last effort. I have replaced the USB cable, cleaned and checked all connections, made sure all connections were secure, used the start up procedures, just can’t get consistent outcomes.

Ahh DIY is so much fun, :smile:

Dedicated Mac running Yosmite 10.10.5 with dual 2.4Ghz intel chip, 8GB Ram, lastest easel driver EASEL-DRIVER-0.3.20, and my USB info,

Product ID: 0x6001
Vendor ID: 0x0403 (Future Technology Devices International Limited)
Version: 6.00
Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec
Manufacturer: Inventables
Location ID: 0x04100000 / 2
Current Available (mA): 500
Current Required (mA): 90