Easel / X-Carve with Tinyg

Has anyone tried the X-Carve with the Tinyg control board?

I would prefer the motion planing of the Tinyg system vs. the grbl system.
Would Easel be usable with Tinyg controls? If not, are there any plans for future support?
The Easel software makes it look so easy for simple projects.

I would like to order within a month or two, the question for me is with or without the controls option.


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We don’t have any plans of supporting TinyG right now. What is the reason you’d prefer the TinyG over Grbl?

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply.

I am new to the CNC stuff but here’s what I read so far:

Tinyg has better motion control because it smoothes the acceleration’s rate of change, limiting the jerk of the motors. Also it eliminates the need for an arduino since it’s a stand alone board.



[quote=“Rpmech, post:3, topic:968, full:true”]
I am new to the CNC stuff…[/quote]
The TinyG is not recommended for people just getting started. It is pretty bleeding edge. It uses a special transport protocol that would need to be added to Easel. There are no plans for that at this time. You have to use Chilipeppr to talk to it.

With this said, X-Carve is compatible with other controllers like the TinyG.

Thanks for the info Bart.

I guess I just wanted to reopen this discussion. I just purchased a used X-Carve that came with a TinyG controller. Does Easel work with this now? I have the machine ready to go, but I am hung up on the control side of the machine. THanks for help!