Easter Cross Carve

Made these as an easter gift for my wifes aunts snd uncles. I had some issues at first with my depths and letters not carving completely but after a few practice runs all worked out well and I am happy with the results.


They look great. What was your method to paint and finish them?

Thank you. I used black spray paint and then sanded with 100 grit then 220 and used a cut down poly finish

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Great job Mark. Would you consider sharing the file ? I would like to make one for my mum. She would love this

Thank You. here is the link for the file.

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Did you use an electric orbital sander?

Thank you so much Mark

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Hi Zach, Yes

How did you get rid of the marks it leaves?

THis came out really nice. I like the multiple fonts, great job.

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Hi Zac

I also use a random orbital sander on my painted carvings, and never get any marks from the sander. I use 120 to 180 grit sandpaper and they come out great.

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Hi Zach, I started with the 100 to remove the paint then finished with the 220. I am used the Diablo brand sand paper and they normally do not leave marks even with the 100 grit. I usually will go to 220 if I am trying to get a real smooth finish.

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looks great.

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These are very Sharp!

Thanks for Sharing.


On the various text did you use the X-carve fonts, or these from another software. Looking over the text, it looks like same font, but visibly they are different. (Bold, or Cursive) unless I am clicking on wrong thing.


Hi Mark. Just wanted to show my take on it.
Made it so it can stand up. Came out really well
Thanks again for sharing


Hi Brian,
For the fonts I used various ones from Easel Pro. then adjusted the sizes.

Wow that looks great! Great idea to make it stand alone.

Gotcha. Thanks. I liked the look of some of the font so when I would click on the words to see the text type was then when go select that font, it wasn’t the same. That was reason for asking. Thought maybe you had used another program.
Thanks for the follow up.