Easy Camera to Monitor X-Carve

Well, this is one of my favorite upgrades, super simple using AtHome Camera app, an old iPod touch (could use any old iOS and Android phone I would think) and now can remotely monitor my X-Carve, with sound and video. I know other people have used Raspberry Pis or IP Cameras, but this seemed like the easiest and cheapest solution for what I had handy! Quality isn’t fantastic but covers what I need!

Works great so instead of sitting in the cold garage, I can sit at my desk and work on other designs or homework, or whatever else and still keep tabs on things!


but can you remote estop?

Is that an actual question?


I’m confident enough in my programming I don’t feel the need for that. If I wasn’t I wouldn’t leave the room… But it would be easy to setup a VNC server or similar to allow remote access to the desktop at least if one was that concerned.

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I can think of several other (*) ways to stop a job remotely:

  • serial port JSON server on the local machine and Chilipeppr on the remote (you can send a feedhold)
  • bCNC on the local machine and calling its web pendant on the remote (you can send a feedhold)
  • embedded system like RPi & relay to break a circuit (equivalent to estop)
  • small IoT board (like Photon, or some ESP8266 based) & relay to break a circuit (equivalent to estop)

(*) i.e. faster, in case lag from getting a full screen, true color resolution over rdesktop/vnc is an issue

So i just bought this camera from zmodo its been great so far its wireless and you can monitor from your phone best part is its only 35$


I downloaded the app onto 2 devices (I assumed one for streaming and one for monitoring). But I cannot seem to get past the “scan QR code” part. Am I missing something on the setup?