Easy Corner Finding for you Mach3 users

this isn’t a real good shot of the shop but this pic is from when i was building the machine and the shop only extends ehh another 5-6 ft beyond the table saw lol pretty tight

see that jointer back there?

well now its stuck behind the machine because it wont fit coming out lol

I might do a shop tour on my youtube channel if enough people want to see it lol


I have a cnc quickie episode coming out tomorrow morning showing the machine working at I would say medium speed

if you want to check it out it will be live tomorrow in the am I believe

here is the channel link

I’m certainly interested in seeing it. I’ll keep an eye on your channel.


sweet man thanks

How did the build for the machine go? (I assume it is sold as a box of parts) Compared to the assembly of the X-Carve how good were the instructions and quality of all the parts.


Here is a build log that I did on the cnc zone of the machine construction it has alot alot of pictures lol

But yeah the build went pretty good actually there was only a couple hard parts because I built the entire machine buy myself with no help and I could of used a helping hand at times lol

Here is a pic of some of the different parts that arrived in the mail there was 3 different shipments total this was the first shipment

So when I bought my machine it was right after they released a updated version to the public and they had not quite of gotten the instructions all completed so there was something things that I was shooting in the dark on but everytime that I called them they helped me out without a issue

All of that stuff has been updated now its like a 235 page manual that you download

as far as comparing it to the X-carve instructions you just can’t bet inventables instructions they are top notch I didn’t have to call inventables once when i was building the x-carve

but basically its just like the x-carve just much more massive and more parts I think the gantry on my machine weighs in the neighborhood of 230 pounds lol

As far as the quality of parts from cnc router parts they are top notch I had no problems with them at all everything is super nice

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Hi, Has anyone out there got a copy of Allen Massey’s triple edge finding code for Mach 3 in Metric?

I’ve tried to change what I think are inch entries to millimetres but can’t get the code to work.