Easy Corner Finding for you Mach3 users

Hey everyone this is a bit of code made by Allen Massey here on the forum which i modified to suit my needs

I wanted to make a short video explaining the operation of the code

really save you some money by not having to use Mach4 or a custom screenset


What kind of setup do you have.
I can’t hear the x or y motors when it touches the block.
are you using a special controller?


So my machine is a cncrp pro4896
I also use mach 3 and a xbox controller to move around my machine

Here is a picture of my machine


That would explain the quite motion.
It doesn’t use the belts on the X,Y axis

oh yeah no its all gear racks and linear rails super smooth and strong

I need to get one. hehe
I like that smooth movement for doing small items I like to do.

what are some examples of what you do maybe I can suggest a machine for you?

Things like this but also I want to be able to machine metal.
I do not want to be limited by small size either. I want to be able to create larger signs too.
nothing larger than a standard door though.

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Oh very nice yeah I have the CNC Router Parts Pro4896 it will handle small jobs up to those door size jobs

here is a link to the machine:

I am working on trying to get a house so I can have space. in a garage. Right now I have very little. :confused:

5k will have to save up for that.

lol I fill your pain I have ever square inch of my shop filled up

and yeah all in I would say you would be looking at 10-12 grand for a fully working machine

I see that… :open_mouth:

I could sell off my 3d printer LOL

you just have to take a real look at what you can do with the machine can you make more money with a large cnc or 3d printing I find that having a large cnc machine you have many possibilities available to you

you can also even at some point mount a 3d printing head to the machine and turn it into a large format 3d printer

but as with any machine you really need to pound the pavement to get the work or at least in my town lol

Did you go with the $2500 power supply as well? Sounds kinda steep if you go with the 34oz motors. I’m sure it’s a fine product and I’d like to have one. Sticker shock sets in.

Yeah I bought the all the bells and whistles except the spindle

Which I regret to the fullest!!!

but actually if you look at other machines in its category its actually a pretty good price

I mean the next step up is a minimum 25,000 with out the bells and whistles

I got the
nema 34 electronics package
mach 3
fusion 360 license
touch plate
leg kit
probably missing something

When i bought the machine I spent oh idk 15,000 that day to equip my shop with new wood working tools like table saw, jointer, drill press etc

lol expensive day but worth it in the long run

Now I want your shop!!!

lol no you dont you can’t move an inch in it your always stepping over everything and its brother lol

plus I am pretty sure that my garage is on the condemned list lol

Per example: I have a huge tarp covering the roof because it leaks like crazy and I don’t want to hurt any of my equipment lol

idk things are about to change I am supposed to be moving into a cabinet shop renting a space type deal in exchange for work