Easy projects to use up scraps in the shop

I seem to have an endless amount of scrap in my shop and this tool will provide a fun way to turn those scraps into cool projects for people. I was talking with a co-worker at lunch yesterday about the X-Carve. Later we were talking about his time in the Navy and the ship that he called home. Thought this tuned out great (and saved some nice walnut from the burn pile!).

I’ve started looking for a good set of wooden gear clock plans so that I can try creating something more complex. If any of you have made one before and have suggestions on a plan I would love to hear it.



It looks like you secured the stock by screwing it to the wasteboard, have you found that works better than clamping?

If in fact he did and is doing it to hold better, the inserts appear to be mounted from the top instead of the bottom, which would cause them to strup out easy.

I accidentally ordered M6 threaded inserts for making my own waste board…but didn’t have any M6 bolts to use for the clamps. So I screwed it down, right now I just have a scrap of MDF on there until I can get to the lumber yard to buy a new sheet of 3/4 MDF.

Screwing it down worked great, held rock solid, but with MDF doing that over and over would result in weak areas that wouldn’t hold tight anymore. I do plan to use clamps with the threaded inserts once I pick up some M6 bolts.


Good catch, yes I have this piece of board mounted upside down so I could quickly drill and install the inserts with the board already mounted.

When I make my full size 1000mm board I will be drilling and mounting them from the underside.


One of my first projects that actually end up making great gifts are variations on this interlocking star: https://www.inventables.com/projects/millable-wooden-ornaments


Nice! What size bit did you use? The corners are tight.

You could try making Warren’s Bunny:

Actually with “outside” corners, like cutting out a star, any bit size will give perfectly sharp corners. Only inside corners get rounded. I think I used 1/16".

I did the same dang thing. I just ordered m6 bolts from a cycle store worked out for me

For the sign what size bit did you use ? Love the detail . Thanks for the picture .

I think this was done with a 1/6" bit. I did lose some detail in the mast/antenna portion of the image.

I served on the USS John Young (DD - 973) from May 1980 to June 1982. Who is your friend? Maybe we know each other. We are having a ships Renton in San Diego, next month.