Easy way to find angles

Check it out guy a super easy way to find angles for not a lot of money all aluminum construction with magnets

23 bucks


I bought this one a few months back … great little tool…

These are very handy! I bought one recently for my table saw.
Not having Grizzly in Oz, I got mine from the Chinese manufacturer.

I like the fact that yours uses a AA battery as mine uses a 9volt I have a crap load of AA and not so much of the 9volt

I wonder how good these would work for leveling a cnc machine

like my big machine is not perfectly level so this might help

i use a 4 foot level on my Xcarve with the digial angle finder on top… my workbench was off by about 2 degrees … a few shims on the legs and helped me be “level”

My wasteboard is off a slight bit as well but that is a job for after holidays…

and yes… AA batteries make it a bit easier to buy for but in theory yours should last years without having to change the battery…

The Grizzly has a 0.2 degree accuracy. The Capri Tools (Amazon link), has a 0.1 degree accuracy.

Far more accurate than most bubble levels (we have a bubble level at work that is at least that accurate, might be even more) and probably accurate enough for non-production hobbyist CNC leveling.

Ive got one I’m borrowing from work to square up my machine once I get some time to actually get to the machine.

harbor freight sells one of those.

I use one of the cheap chinese ones on my table saw and it works great for tilting the blade precisely. Is it exact…probably not, but close enough for woodworking.

do you little to music in your head phones as you do it?