Easy xy go home

Im pretty sure this has been covered and I may be missing it. I have changed the config of my spoil board to assure of a right angle setup, and to add clamping pressure. is there a way that I have missed to make an easy go home situation.

:thinking: I can’t figure out what you’re asking.

to make a home setup at a particular set of coordinates. not trying to home the machine everytime, unless thats what I have to do.

Coordinates are arbitrary if you don’t home the machine. By homing, you set the absolute reference point for everything.
That said:
$H will home the machine to its limit switches (and pull-off).
Your work zero will always be the same unless you change it. The machine does not have to “start” at X0Y0.
If you want to go to work zero, just make sure your endmill won’t crash (raised) and send G0X0Y0.

Sounds to me like you are wanting to set up locations similar to that used for fixtures, look here for more info https://www.cnccookbook.com/g54-g92-g52-work-offsets-cnc-g-code/