Ebay stl file's

Has any one purchased the stl files of of ebay ? Particularly from Ukraine or other Former Ester blocks?

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I did both from China and Ukraine I did not get scammed if that is your question. They were both decent quality models but I have not Carve any yet.

I’ve purchased quite a few and I’ve never had an issue. Good quality files so far.

This is who i get mine from never had a issue and get a download link with in minutes. http://stores.ebay.com/3dcncmodelscom/
Here is the last one i did 29 inches tall if i remember correctly

And here was the first 3d test project i ever did not perfect but it was a first try and it was done on the stock spindle it took forever as in at least 24 hours over 3 days the one above was done in 6 hours with the dewalt and could probably do it in less time having more knowledge now than i did then.

What program do you guys use to cut these files, or which program would be descent and not too expensive for them. Ive never done 3d cutting and I want to get into it with the xcarve a little bit , thanks in advance!

These were cut from STL files from Ebay. You can load them in V-Carve or Aspire and probably some of the free programs, I have not tried.

Just tested it out, Fusion 360 lets you import an STL File as well.

Here is one of the above STLs imported into Fusion 360, I haven’t done the CAM stuff with Fusion 360 yet, working that out now…Looks like this has potential.

How long did those take to carve? They look great.

Good to know, looks like I will be getting some files.

Each one was about 7 hours.
I used 2 roughing passes
1/4" endmill was about 2.5 hours
2mm radius tapered ballnose about 1.5 hour
1 finishing pass
0.5mm radius tapered ballnose about 3 hours

Those are really cool. How do you use these files. I’m totally new to this so you may have to take it below the “for dummies” level even. But these are cool and I love to try new things.

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youtube has some great tutorials on just about and cad cam you can think of