Ebay stl files

Hi newbie here. Wondering if I buy stl files on ebay best way to carve them. Can I use a program like fusion 360 to convert them to g code then send to universal gcode sender? Thanks

I have purchased several STL files on Ebay and then used Vcarve Desktop to carve them. Never had any problem with them at all.

.stl files are pretty much a no go with fusion toooooo many facets for detailed objects but word is next month easy use of .stl files may be added to fusion. lets hope

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Meshcam was made for .stl files

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You can use meshlab to reduce the poly count and it will retain the surface. it also is free.
There are STL checkers as well. I use netfabb to check the model and fix it using their built in tools.
You can use it free once you register. The studio (free) version has gcode and other higher end functions turned off.But I have other tools for that. :slight_smile:
I do not usually buy STL files from Ebay. I sometimes will make my own or get them from Thingiverse