Edge Lit Acrylic recommended links/thickness

Did a quick search didn’t find anything so figured I’d post this and ask. I plan on making some edge lit acrylic signs whenever my xcarve desides to ship, before I get it I wanted to know is there a recommended thickness it should be? Does certain thicknesses work better than others? Has anyone noticed? Also any good reliable place to get acrylic, I’ve searched amazon and ebay but I must be typing in the wrong keywords as I’m not finding very much useful stuff. Where is the cheapest place you have found?

Other than small pieces, it’s usually cheaper to find it locally. In the Midwest, you can search Cope plastics. I get my “glue” from ePlastics. I get acrylic tube from USPlastics(USP).

Also try your local Craigslist, you can usually find some on there. You can try polycarbonates as well.

This was found by searching “polycarbonate sheet” on the local Craigslist.

Yes but unfortunately I don’t need a batman design or a grid from a picture. I did not find any topics asking where to get acrylic or specified thicknesses.

Thank you for the craigslist suggestion! Unfortunately I am Canadian in a small town, my local version of craigslist is very small so no ads :frowning:

I do yes, but only amazon.ca works. Trying to find it for cheap on .ca

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Signmakers might have clear actrylic / lexan in stockm, also window makers could have it. Cost little to ask :slight_smile:

Signmaker here - check E&M Plastics. I know they’re in Canada somewhere.

Can edge lit signs be made with the X carve router, or do you have to use a laser?

Xcarve router can do it. Check out some engraving bits