Edges on engraved letters/aluminum/

I have to make many of these with different names and dates on them. Im using a 90deg 1/8" vbit at easel recommended setting (have tried other settings). I continue to get a jagged edge on the letters. The edge is raising on the cut, the lines are right on.

hard to get a pick of the letter edge.

I have to powder coat first as they want the letters to be “aluminum” color, so I cant sand…


Those cuts do not look to be from a V bit.
Are you trying to say you are getting a burr on the edge?

The names are from a 1/8" 90deg vbit, the outline is a 1/8" spiral upcut bit. The problem is the edge of the lettering isnt smooth, its jagged, up from the material around the letters. hard to get a picture.

V-bit have very low surface speed towards the pointy end. Try speeding up the RPM to max and see if that could help.

Burr on the edge = bit not removing material efficiently.
Experiment with shallow depth per pass also.

For this particular use a drag bit may give better results.

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Possibly try shallower DOC.

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Per pass? They want the engrave to be deeper than what your would have on say a trophy. The said “robust engraving”.

How deep can a drag bit engrave? I have never used one, used a dragknife before but never a bit.

I dont know, sorry

Yes, per pass, several passes to get to the desired overall depth.

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Gotcha… thanks…