Editing stl files

I picked up a free stl of roses the file looks good other than the image is vertical how do I get it to lay down? I tried to upload the file but it wouldn’t let me. Thanks for the help in advance.

What software you’re using.

Using V-Carve Pro. When I bring the stl into modeling it is standing up instead of laying down.DSC02573

I’m replying from my phone, so this ma or may not work.
Page 158 of the V-Carve PRO user manual shows how to change the orientation of the imported STL…

Dropbox link to my copy of the user manual. https://www.dropbox.com/s/cw0u3wcntsf8t91/VCarvePro.pdf?dl=0

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Thank you Robert that helped immensely. Finicky moving it around took me forever to get it moved right.