EGA Relief

I’m currently working on this EGA for a Veteran friend of mine.

When I go to run this, it takes quite a while to load. When it finally does load, it lowers the bit moves out into the work area makes some random looking movements without ever touching the work piece.

If I pause and cancel the job, when it tries to move back to its zero position is runs into the left X rail.

I assume that this is all due to the size of the file / number of components / shapes. Will it function if I combine all of my shapes? Will that reduce the complexity and allow it to run easier?

opening it now…

Edit… TRYING to open it… slow connection in the garage

When you imported the SVG, did you happen to notice how many parts it uploaded? My computer is a piece of crap, but it is crashing Chrome trying to load it all…

If You are just trying to do a relief carve of the design, then the SVG can be combined into a few vectors. Judging by the trouble I am having even loading the easel project, I bet there are a BUNCH of pieces… using Inkscape, you can
Edit>select all,
then Path>combine

Phil provided some instruction in another post about how to optimize SVG files. I believe he was illustrating his method using Inkscape. Search for it in the forums.

I copied it into a new job and combined most of the areas except the areas that are cut through, but I haven’t tried to run that yet. Simulating seems to be about the same.

I don’t recall how many parts it uploaded.

I found something for image tracing, I did everything in VCarve and then imported the SVG.

Design and Make has a Marine Coros emblem already done for you.

Thanks for all the suggestions and help, folks. I’m waiting for some new bits to arrive, but here is how it looks so far:

A little cleanup and then I’ll run the profile cut to cut it out.

After I combined all of the pieces in Easel, I used the workpieces and created 4 different workpieces. I then placed zero fill blocks in the quadrants so that each workpiece was just one quadrant. Everything ran fine after that. Maybe not the ideal solution but the cat’s been skinned, when I tried to manipulate in Inkscape I lost too much detail.


I probably shouldn’t say everything. I didn’t do all of the toolpaths, etc. Just the art.

Yeah, I’m still learning and fairly comfortable with Easel so I’ve been setting everything up in there.

Thanks everyone for the help, here’s the finished product:


This is fantastic! You did an excellent job. Is the file available so that others can do this?

I’ve got a 1000, so these may need adjusted but here they are:

EGA-Flat.crv (285.5 KB)
SVG ->