Either Just Stupid or Drug Overdosed

I recently had a 2 level fusion in my neck and thought I would take this healing time to work on a mothers day legacy box with my children’s memories. My daughter told me one of her favorite times was playing with her mother and her Polly Pockets.

However, for the life of me I cannot get this to convert to an svg, import into Aspire and cut it a few tenths above the actual wood surface. Everything I try to do makes it look really stupid or just doesn’t work. I know i have seen it on previous projects but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to do it in this drug induced fog.

Here is one of the paradise boxes with a similar idea except it has initials carved into it instead of the picture.

Thanks Robert
I never thought about selecting black and white.I always chose clipart or line drawing. I guess I’m in heaven now lol

That would be a great idea if it was just about the two characters but it is about the toy. It is a Polly Pocket which opened via the top hinge and had little toys to play with inside. Thus I kind of need the entire thing to be able to cut out on the box.

How about these tools?

Thanks Stephen I will take a look at them

Found another one for ya. :wink:

Thanks Steven this is going to turn into a very nice collection of applications to convert graphics in different ways. I am getting closer to what I want to do for sure.