Elaire Collets - Order Placed

I just wanted to give everyone that don’t know a heads up. I orders 7 collets from Elaire over a week ago and have heard nothing. I just called them and come to find out they make the parts when you order or at least that is what i have been told. So i am 8 business days waiting and now the parts are not done yet and then they still have to ship. This will be my last order. Heads Up.

Hopefully they will be worth the wait. Other members here speak highly of their products.

Top quality. It took about 3 weeks from when I ordered mine to when I got them. This was acceptable to me.

I ordered two collets, .125 and 6mm. Had them in about 3 days.

I ordered mine two days ago and got a email a few hours ago that they had shipped.

Had the exact same issue as the OP. I ordered 2 collets from them on the 10th of April. I contacted them on the 13th because I never got a confirmation email. He said they were ready and would be shipped out the 14th. The 17th comes around and still no email about if they were shipped/tracking number or anything. I call and he says he will priority for me. The Shipping label was created on the 17th and a tracking number was sent to me. It is now the 19th and the tracking number clearly shows me that the item has still not even been delivered to USPS.
Probably still sitting on his desk.

What a Joke.

I ordered these on the 10th because I absolutely needed them by the 20th. I figured 10 days should be PLENTY of time for them to get a small package from Ohio to Atlanta, GA.

So here I am on the eve of when I need them and they aren’t even at the post office yet.

Needless to say this will be my last order from them.

If 2+ weeks is acceptable for you then by all means… I guess I’m not that patient