Emergency ER-11 1/2" collet

So, after fighting my levelness issues, I ordered the spoilboard cutter bit and some v-bits for some new things to try…and didn’t even THINK to look at the shank diameter for the cutter…and it’s 1/2" :frowning:

I did just buy a 1/4 collet for the v-bits that were coming in the mail…but had to wait for shipping on that too.

Can you pick up a 1/2" ER11 from a hardware or box store?!?!

Grainger maybe, or if there is Rockwell hardware store near to you. I can’t think of anything else. Or you can pay the price for overnight shipping option from Tools Today. They do have parts.

Will look for it.

Just bummed I didn’t notice…but since Inventables doesn’t sell 1/2" collets…why the only spoilboard cutter they sell is…ugh…

I think the inner diameter of the spindle is 3/8", so 1/2" is right out…

I’m fairly certain that the largest ER-11 collet is a 1/4".

The “11” in “ER-11” indicates that it’s an 11mm cavity opening. Given that a half inch is 12.7mm, I think you’re gonna’ have a bit of a hard time sliding that in. :smiley_cat:

Quarter inch or 6.5mm is about as large as you can get, I believe.

Give Inventables a call, I’m sure they’ll work with you on a return there. I’d suggest going down to your local hardware store, and buying a half-inch diameter or so “straight” router bit with a quarter-inch shank. The stock spindle is very limited in power anyway, so a half or three-quarter bit is probably about as large as you’d want to swing with it regardless of collet size.

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Return that one and pick up one of these, there 1/4 in shank

“I was looking for a good spoilboard bit without the crazy costs out there. After searching google for a bit I found this bit that was 1/4in shank (you need to upgrade your collet as I did for the basic spindle.) 3/4 straight bit w/ a unique plunge blade (unique to me anyway smile). It showed up today and I am so impressed with it I wanted to share (Especially since it only cost me like $12) Anyway pics and video to follow. Here is the LINK to the bit,I went with #5455. I think i’m going to try some more of their bits in the future.”

Just got a set of seven collets for my spindle. Largest is 1/4" and don’t think a 1/2" will fit, collet for not :frowning:

7mm is the largest ER11 size.

Well…that’s just about a waste then.

The only spoilboard cutter in the shop is one that can’t work with the spindle.

Will email help tomorrow on a return. Bummed though…really wanted to flatten out the board tomorrow.

Here is the one I bought. 1/4" shank and 1.25" cutting diameter.

Magnate 1.25" bottom cleaning bit

Thanks John. Will look into that, but since it’s not available for prime, will have to pass for today.

Looked at Lowes, they have a 3/4 inch straight bit with a 1/4 shank for about $10. Not quite the size I’d like, but is better than trying to do it with 1/8" bits that I have on hand.

I simply used a 1/2" straight bit with a 1/4" shank. set it up to ramp the plunge a bit and you’re golden.

thats what i used just a cheap 3/4 straight bit. worked fine

Just a point I found you should all be aware of. I was cutting some mdf with a 3/4 inch straight bit and the work piece got away from the hold downs and in about a half a second bent the shaft on the spindle. Granted it was going dead anyways so rpms weren’t at their heighest but caution when using these big bits.

Oh and yea I used this same,bit today in my new 611 and I don’t think you could possibly bend that one of you wanted to. Get a 611

Yeah, that stock spindle is only about an eighth-inch in diameter above the collet section. Really weak little thing!

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On my old Piranha, I had an enclosure with large plexi windows to muffle the noise and contain/control the dust.
My 6 year old great nephew who has some developmental disabilities was watching with his nose about 4" from the plexi. the workpiece got loose and was tossed hard into the window.

The look of shock on the kids face was hilarious! I think he nearly had to change his garanimals after that.
I’m glad the shield was there though cause that would have left a mark.

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can I get this guys and use on my xcarve?

Think I bought the same exact set and they arrived last week and the ones I’ve used (1/4") work just fine.

good, thank you. I just go v bits from sears and realized they are much bigger than collet :slight_smile: