Emergency stop button Wiring

Maybe a dumb question but i havent been able to find any documentation on how to wire in the Emergency stop button that inventables sells on their site. Mine arrived today and wanted to be prepared when my X-carve arrives later next week. I search the forum but didnt see anything specific to how and where to wire it in.

I’ve seen a couple different variants - the easiest one was to put the switch in between the power supply and the positive input to the GRBL shield. It cuts all power and stops everything. There isn’t an obvious way to gracefully recover from that, but it is an emergency stop button…

What about wiring the switch in between a limit switch so it acts as if it hit the limit switch? Just guessing here.

I’m also looking into this as well. Would like to hit the button and it stop the spindle immediately but ideally also raise the Z axis.

There’s another thread that covers placement and other buttons for stopping.

But the big red buttons goes on the PowerLine going to the power supply. That way it’s cuts power to the spindle, motors, and arduino. Everything stops. There’s other options for software controlled stops as well though.

Ill be getting to that portion of my xcarve in the next week though and will do a how to.

@PaulKinlaw Got this from the Inventables staff today. This link explains it well, hope it helps, I haven’t hooked mine up yet.


Cool thanks Brian. I bookmarked this page so when i start building i can refer to this and hopefully get it right the first time lol.

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