Enclosure and upgrades

Has anyone else built anything like this?

My wife got tired of always hearing my machine running so I enclosed it with some doors and sound proofing foam. It took the sound from about 80db at 3ft while cutting solid hickory to about 65db.

I also enclosed my vacuum table and rerouted controls to the front of the machine.

I’m currently running a black box hurricane for my vacuum table and a oneida supercell turbo for my dust collector.

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That’s really cool. I haven’t done anything like that yet, but I think about it.

Just last fall I finally put up a drop ceiling which helps a lot, but it’s still pretty bad—and even more annoying if you are working in the shop while carving. I wear earphones for myself, but on all-day carves (such as when cutting out 15 base cabinets), it gets pretty tiring.