Enclosure Concept For the X Carve


I’ve been thinking about making an enclosure for my 500mm X Carve for a while. So I just had a few minutes of free time and i through together some concept drawings in Fusion 360. It still has a few dimensions that need tweaking. The Box on the side is going to be the electronics [GRBL, ARDUINO[S], RELAYS, SWITCHES,ETC]. My main goal with the xcarve is to make it into a fully self contained unit that will take the need to babysit a job away. Anyways heres some renders for inspiration.


P.S. Subscribe to my youtube channel. Its not large or very professional by any means yet but id appreciate the support. Click on the Link below to view my channel. Thanks.


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It looks great. It reminds me of the Carvey enclosure.

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I’d make the sides lift up with the lid so you have better access to the work surface. Perhaps part of the sides - top half or front half.
There are a few examples of enclosures here that do that.

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Concur on the sides at least partially lifting as well. I’d also add a transparent top for better visibility. And possibly some LED strip-lighting down the inside of the cover, because why not? :smile: