End mill bit placement

Trying to figure out why the bit is off just a bit when plunging down when carving. i was carving letters when this happens. notice on the right sides of the “a” and “n” where it plunged just a bit outside the path…does anyone know why this happens? thanks!

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What type of end mill?

it was a 1/8 straight cut…but it also does it on a 1/16 downcut bit also sometimes.

Is this with Easel?
can you share the file so we can see if there is something wrong with the cut path.


Kenneth…i can see on the tool path where it plunges there…but how can that be fixed?

You’ll have to share the project:
File–>Share–>Shared with link–>Save

Should be done now…apologize

What kind of wood are you carving into?

Poplar sanded pine wood

from what I can see there is nothing in the file that would cause that.
can you grab your Z axis and see if there is any movement on that in the forward to back movement or side to side.

If there is play there it would cause this issue as the plunge on entry is where the issue is occurring.

But when I change to a 1/16 bit the entry point is changed to the middle of the letter which would lessen the effect on the outer edges.

Right,imwas trying to use a bigger bit to cut down the carve time…but my router mount is a little loose though. I can grab my Dewalt and move it front to back just a bit and i dont think that is normal,right? I may need to take it apart and see why its like that.

I knew i had a bit that was to large to cover everything thats why it didnt carve 100%… but i think it may be my loose mount on the Dewalt. Need to find out why its loose and where…lthanks guys

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here is what I was pointing out.
with the 1/8 bit

and with the 1/16 bit

Gotcha man…you can zoom in that much on a tool path??