End mill is angled

As can see in the pictures, the end mill is angled towards the back. Just now noticing after my latest project, as I usually just cut 1/4" material. I have made sure that the v wheels are tight and nothing seems out of place. Do all X-Carves have angled end mills or is there something I could be missing? Thanks

search for tram.

you need to get your machine square on all Axis to prevent this.

if you loosen the four screws on the X-Axis rail you will notice the you can twist or pivot the rail ever so slightly. this will make the problem better or worse depending on which direction you twist.

if you want accurate cuts this needs to be corrected.

As Kenneth mentioned, the key word is tram/tramming your spindle.

There are two sources for out-of tram situasions:

  • The router is mounted raked/skewed to a vertical Z-axis
  • The Z-axis isnt truly vertical, being either raked or skewed (or both)

What you first need to establish is wether which of these two are your culprit (can also be a combination)
If you have a angle ruler use that to gauge wether it is the Z itself is off, then measure the router.

Maybe, before you adjust the whole machine, just check that the bit width is the same top to bottom (ie it’s not tapered).