End Mill is "Drifting"

Hey Guys:

I’m having some strange issues. First, here are some quick specs on my setup:

1000mm rails
300W DC spindle (included with kit)
~3/4" Plywood (straight from Home Depot)
1/8" flat 2-flute end mill

The problem is obvious from the picture. Basically, about halfway into the full depth on my cut, the bit starts “drifting” slightly. You can see how “slanted” this makes one side.

I’ve attached some pictures of my z-axis alignment as well. It’s not perfect. You can see a sliver of light in both directions, but not nearly enough to cause this (I don’t think).

Belts and v-wheels are solid. The machine moves just fine. I did have to adjust the current on all three axis (particularly the y-axis) to get the movement dialed in. I haven’t adjusted the software at all since (possible issue?).

Let me know what you guys think.


What’s your feeds speeds and depth per pass set at?

I just realized I forgot to post that :smile:

Feed rate: ~24ipm (600mm/min)
depth/pass: 1.5 mm (it makes 13 passes cutting the outlines)

Go into easel make two rectangles to cut one 1 x 2 and the other to 2 x 1 this will help your dinner five fits in the X axis or Y axis. You can even do some their boxes with the router on and the router off. My machine was drifting with the router on. This was due to the store for 24 V spindle-shaped with the machine going out. You can see if the spindle is interfering with the machine by looking at the lights of the garble shield. The problem was fixed by inventables sending out a new 24 V stocks been the replacement next day air I might add. Use a 8th inch bit and have it go enough cuts to make three passes. This will help to drift