End Mill Starter Set mislabelled

As an FYI to Inventables, ordered the End Mill Started Set 30585-01 which is supposed to be all 1/8" cutting diameter bits, but what I received looks like 30585-02!

Hmm. That part number is not found with a search in the store.

What I see on the picture is Starter set. Single Flute 1/8, Straight Double Flute 1/8, Spiral double flute up-cut 1/8, double flute spiral 1/32 and double flute 1/64. You can call fish tail on 1/64 I guess.

This is a Starter Set of 1/8in shaft bits.

Left to right:
Single spiral flute 1/8" up cut end mill
Double straight flute 1/8" end mill
Double spiral flute 1/8" ball end mill
Double spiral flute 1/16" up cut end mill (fish tail)
Double spiral flute 1/32" up cut end mill (fish tail)

Oups, I go too far. You’re correct 1/16 and 1/32. What can we do without you?


I think the confusion is how the bits are named. They all fit into a 1/8" collet to be held by your machine. That does not indicate that the cutting end is always 1/8" As you see, all of those bits would work in the standard quiet cut spindle, as they are fat on the bottom (top after being mounted in the machine).

Alan and Sketch have given you different names, but the full name would indeed be 1/8" bit with the attributes that they named.

Nope, They are different size bits with 1/8" shank. Bit cutting size and Shank size are the names.

I was going according to the description on the item page which shows that the cutting diameter for 30264-01
is 1/8 in while for 30264-02 it is listed as “varied” for cutting diameter. The picture also shows cutting diameters that look similar.