Engraving a cutting board with my new X-Carve

So, after spending a lot of time doing my research and reading the forums, I bought my X-Carve machine. I am extremely pleased with it. After the assembly, I took my time learning Easel, but at the time of purchase, I upgraded to V-Carve Pro. I am glad that I did. Easel is a great free software, but it does have limitations. I find myself using both software programs at 60% V-Carve Pro and 40% Easel. With that said, here is me messing around with my X-Carve.


Looks good! Now fill it in with epoxy! :smiley:

Man that would look slick if you filled it an inlay, maybe? haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Them there look like juice grooves from the steaks you cut up!
Just imagine how yummy it will look when that happens!


Here is a “Bama” board I made. Cherry and walnut with Bloodwood for the “A”.


Nice work, looks like you’re getting things cutting well.

As others have suggested, cutting boards usually are smooth surfaced, so maybe have a look at Vectric’s “V Inlay” tutorial. You’d be able to cut a matching pattern out of lighter coloured wood and use that as an inlay.

Resin filling is also pretty popular, although depending upon its intended use, the board looks pretty awesome as it is…