Engraving a wooden nickel

I want to engrave some wooden nickels I got on eBay. Planning on using an 1/8" engraving bit. Does anyone have suggestions on cutting depths, type face or other settings?

Do you have a link to what you got on ebay?

I think I misspoke. A quick search found them on Amazon. About $9 /100

Might be these:

Sorry I caused any confusion. This is where I show my noobyness, how do I send a link to a conversation in inventables?

For small lettering on the discs you may be better off using a 30 deg vbit or a 1mm tapered ball nose.

Are you trying to do something like this?

This was an experiment ans is about a 50 cent piece size.
I can make them smaller but at the time this was the best I could do.
The diagonal lines were due to my unstable X axis at the time. I now have it working much better and do not get the lines anymore.


I did these small 2" coins with a 0.125" endmill for a roughing pass and a 0.25mm radius ballnose for the detail pass.

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What wood did you do that in?

Cherry…I love the fine detail that you can carve in cherry.

Eric found and sent the link to the wooden nickles, I don’t know how to send a link to here, which would be helpful to me.

The Cherry relief coins are what I am working up to. At the moment I want to start with simple text/lettering so I can give myself a reward/coin whenever i learn a new skill

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I have been using Poplar. Carves better than Bass. LOL

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Now this is awesome as a wooden nickel.


What bit did you use and how did you clamp them down? I’m very new to this and someone asked me if I can make wooden coins and that gave me an idea for maybe using them as a “business card”?

Beautiful. Did you make this with X-carve? If so, how did you do it? What bits and did you buy them pre-made or did you cut them out yourself?

I did not make the one with the number 84 in it.
I did make the one with the pony in it.
You can make a jig that will hold a coin shape. As long as you have a way to ensure you know where the exact center is each time. You can carve the coin directly and use tabs to keep it in place after the carve.

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