Engraving Aluminum - First Attempt

Here are my first attempts at engraving aluminum:

29 in/min, 0.0045" depth/pass, 0.009" total depth, 0.005" tip v-bit

The valve cover was too tall to carve on top of the waste board, so i had to cut a hole into my waste board. (I plan on changing the waste board anyways) I have a 3/4" sheet of acrylic that I plan to use for the new waste board. I want to put t tracks into the acrylic because I almost never use the threaded holes. I am trying to figure out how I am going to design the new waste board, so that I can still engrave valve covers. I may just have to shorten the waste board and do them on an end, unless anyone has any good ideas?


I would probably extend the y rails mount to gain some depth on your z

I am planning to mounting a rotary axis under the machine and was going to cut a hole in the table with a lip to place a flush mount cover on. don.t know if that helps any but that is how i plan on covering the hole.

Looks great

I thought about that but i wasn’t sure if that would affect the strength or accuracy of the cnc at all. It may be the way to go though. If I did it, I would probably make the new y rail mounts out of 1/4" aluminum, so it will be nice and strong.


Great work; looks awesome, and gives me ideas for the renovation of my GSXR 1000. Make sure to update the post with more pictures of the finished job. Happy new year!

Thanks! Will do, I work at a chassis and car restoration shop, I am now doing some custom engravings with my xcarve to make a few extra bucks.

Wow! Nice engraving! :sunglasses:

Hey KyleEly, I’m trying to do pretty much exactly what you’ve done here. Your feed and depth settings will be helpful, but I have a couple more questions. Can you please tell me what RPM you have your router set to for this? And what grade of Aluminum you’re engraving? And are you using any cutting fluid?

I’ve had a go at this myself, just using the recommended Aluminum settings in Easel (5in/min, 0.004" depth/pass), but i’m getting a lot of burring. I’m cutting a little bit deeper than you (0.012") with a 30deg v-bit (very similar to yours i think).

Any info you can tell me would be a great help!