Engraving aluminum/metal

Completely noob question.

Can you engrave on aluminum or metal with the xcarve?

My plan is to get a thin piece of aluminum/metal to use as a backsplash behind my oven but I would like to engrave an image on it.

Is that possible?

What kind of bits would I need? Do I need to cool it while it carves? Is my dust suction hose enough to suck in all the metal scraps or do is that to dangerous?

I know these questions are ridiculously noobish, I’m just lost on doing anything aluminum/metal

Thanks and take care!

You sure can with a few practice runs, I make my business cards all the time with diamond drag tool.

there is quite a few different cutter out there to use depending on your machine

here’s a heat stamp made from Brass.


Where did you get your Brass block from for your heat stamp. And what bit did you utilize to carve it?

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Well that brass came from my scrap pile, I used a 60-degree cutter.
you’re most likely to find some on amazon

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