Engraving bits

Has anyone ever used a diamond drag bit for engraving aluminum?Will be working on 7075 aluminum.I have looked online and found videos of it being used but nothing on how to set it up. Thanks for any help.


there’s a few mentions on here already

have a link to the bit you intend to use?
i’m tempted to make one based on some of the pricing i’ve seen

This is the bit that I am wanting to use.

Unless I’m mistaken that appears to be a single part only.

While it may work a more forgiving version would be made of multiple parts and spring loaded.
This allows for a material that may not be perfectly flat as well as possibly the ability to adjust the impression.

this item seems to be one of the cost effective options. I have no experience with it however

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This is the one that I have. It works well.


looks awesome Robert!
convinced me to place the order

what speeds do you use? stock tip or one of the alternative angles

Stock tip, 100ipm

I really like your engraving work. what materials have you tried that bit on?

Thank you for your input . You are correct the bit I got is a single part and no it wont do what I was expecting. The spring loaded bit is the best way to go .Live and learn.


Very nice work! But is that basically surface etching or is there any depth to it? I need to do a depth of basically what metal stamping does and am debating between what your using or a pcb type engraving bit.


I did this with a similar diamond drag bit on bare aluminum @ 45 ipm.

Tool: http://benchtopprecision.com/diamond-drag-engraving-tool/


has anyone with one tried multiple passes?

Yes, the granite tiles are basically surface etched. You can feel it if you run your hand across it, but there is no real depth to it.

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Hello! I recently bought the engraving bit for my Carvey to engrave wood. I’m having trouble attaching the bit to my Carvey since the shaft of the bit seems wider than other bits. Any suggestions?? I have ER-11 A Collet 1/4 diameter. Do I use the same clamp that comes with the Carvey or do I have to buy a different one? I’m having a hard time getting out the old attachment.

The Benchtop Precision fits in a 1/4" collet.