Engraving \ Carving a Challenge Coin

I did several searches but didn’t see precisely what I was looking for, so I thought I’d throw this out to the group…

I purchased several challenge coins from Northwest Territorial Mint like this one …


I’d like to engrave some personalized details on each for some of the scouts \ scoutmasters in our troop, however I need to dial in the settings first.

I’m assuming a 30’ engraving bit, but wondering if anyone has experience with these and could recommend some feeds and speeds.

I have VCarve Pro so, but I’ve not experimented with the engraving toolpath yet, so wondering if that’s a good place to start.

Thanks in advance!

on bronze @5ipm with A plunge of 3ipm doc. .01in. Cheap window cleaner as coolant dewalt set on 1. Some bronze items can be harder or softer but this is the base setting I use for all coins with a 20deg bit.

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Thanks @ShaneBell, ill test and report back. I need to create a fixture first…

FYI to get the -> ° symbol you can hold the alt key and type in 0176
Then you can go from this “30degree” to this “30°”


If you’re looking for a US based company, I recommend www.customchallengecoins.net that is where I got my coins made for our local VFW, they came out fantastic and the staff was great to work with, very fast to respond. There’s no harm in asking. :wink:

Did you ever get your coin thing made?
This is what I did out of aluminum.


If anyone is interested in designing their own custom challenge coins if so check out https://www.militarycoinsusa.com/challenge-coins/ they are easy to work with and help you get your ideas onto a great looking coin, customer service is great and they can work with a pretty basic design, they also competitive prices even better for larger orders. Might be worth looking into if you need coins made for your scout troop again.