Engraving Cast Acrylic

Have been using a diamond drag bit to etch Acrylic and would like to go even deeper
so the engraving on the base lit signs I make will be more prominent even without lighting,
I have purchased a 30deg, 2 flute V bit designed for plastic and need some info on a good setting
to start with ie; spindle speed, feed rate, depth of cut etc, that works for you. I realize all machines are different, I just need a starting point. My max RPM is 12K. Manufacturer says “try different settings”
great if you can afford the plastic.
Any info appreciated.

What is your minimum RPM / max feed rate?
I´d go 60-100IPM for starters.

If you are troubled with bit gumming up you are using the wrong tool and/or going to slow (feed rate) with too high RPM. If possible using chaulk around the area of your design and flood it with water heat can be more controlled.

Cast acrylic have a higher melting point than extruded, so getting the “good kind” will make it easier. But the “good kind” also cost more ;(

Minimum RPM is 3K. Have pushed the steppers to 1800 mm/M without stalling. Just realized I should
have specified this is text, that might be a little fast. Thanks.


With acrylic the rule is go as fast as you can. RPM, aim for low range but this will vary greatly based on what kind of bit, what kind of plastic etc.

Thanks. Just found out Vectric has a “fill” function for text as well as “outline” slow, but
really makes the text pop.

a few years ago did engraving with tiny V bit for grandson…i actually like to use shallow engraving, otherwise light gets blocked toward the center of the picture…
now a days, c02 laser does it for me, cant beat it.
anyway, here is led sign i did with v-bit.