Engraving in Fusion 360 - which end mills and how best to define them?

I’d like to use the Engrave feature of Fusion 360 to cut out some fairly small, sans-serif text in a piece of walnut. Let’s say 3-4mm height letters if I can go that small.

The trouble I’m running into is choosing the proper end mill / bit and how to define it right in the tool set in Fusion 360. The engrave function seems to DEMAND that I use a Chamfer Mill. Choosing anything else results in an error. I have a couple of 1/4" shank actual v-bits I’ve not yet used, but I’m guessing they are way too large for this task (60 degree and 90 degree with like a 7/32 tip or thereabouts on the 60).

The other thing I have on hand, though, is a full set of PCB milling bits from Inventables. These things are like needles. I have indications they would do the job and might even be small enough for 3mm high, 1mm deep type. I cannot seem to define them, though, in a way that makes sense.

Say I choose the 0.2mm or 0.1mm tip diameter, 20 degree tapered bit… how would I use it? I seemingly have to define it as a chamfer bit for Fusion 360 to allow it. There is a tapered mill tool type (which I can’t use with the Engrave capability for the reasons cited above), but I can’t seem to define the bit in a way that suggest I could do a successful 2D pocket as an alternative. Perhaps I define the text in some other manner?

I’m not hell bent on using this type or this depth. I just want to engrave a fairly small, detailed inscription into a piece I’m working on and would like to think I could use the various bits I have on hand.

Any guidance appreciated!

  • Aaron

I came across this thread so thought I’d share what I just set up, in case anyone else finds this useful.