Engraving is Upside down

I am using Easel to make my graphic and using Universal GCode Sender to send the G-Code to my machine. The machine is from MiniTech that I have refurbished. The controller is Arduino+Grbl Shield. when I want to engrave something … the output is Upside down and Flipped. Left image is what I want … right is what I get.

Z goes up and down as commanded from Universal GCode Sender and the X and Y movement seems correct when I jog the mill … then why am I getting the Right version (in picture below) when I want the Left Version?
Should I assume that the wirings to my CNC steppers are messed up … Any suggestions?

Hello all
i looked for similar issues in other forums (i.e. stepper moving in wrong directions). The solution is simply to change the wiring of one set of the poles
so in bipolar stepper if you have
Stepper wire -----------grbl
1a - -----------------------green
1b - ------------------------red
2a - -----------------------black
2b -------------------------red

Make this
Stepper wire -----------grbl
1a - -----------------------red
1b - ------------------------green
2a - -----------------------black
2b -------------------------red

Depending on what was the issue of orientation, you may have to try this on X and / or Y steppers

The other way to correct the direction of the axes is the " Direction port invert mask" setting in grbl configuration. Here’s a more thorough explanation: https://github.com/grbl/grbl/wiki/Configuring-Grbl-v0.9#grbl-settings

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