Engraving on wood

What is the best font to use when engraving on wood I have tried all kinds of fonts and nothing seems to carve right especially on small print.

That would depend on what you’re carving but most of the fonts should work with a good V bit.
I have carved some small letters using a 45 degree bit in wood and they came out good.

Can you share a picture of the problem you’re having?


Do you have uneven engravings across the board (this is very common in the Stars of flags, you may notice one corner has larger stars than the opposite corner, or the text is thin on one side and gets wider as it goes across and may even thin out again)? If so, This is an indication tat the board has a bow or cup in it. You really need a perfectly parallel work surface (top of the workpiece) for V-Bit work. The best way to achieve this is to surface the workpiece on the CNC.

Now, with a perfectly parallel work surface it is less important, but still quite helpful to Z zero directly above the area you will be v-bit carving.
A lot of people will set z over in that front left corner, and IF the wood is surfaced this usually works decently. but there’s still a chance that the board will be ever so slightly bowed even after the surfacing so…If you Set Z zero over in the front left corner and your detailed carve section is 5" up and 5" to the right the board will usually have a rise in Z elevation, meaning your z zero is LOWER than the carve area and this will cause blow outs of the corners…
Personally I like to set my Z zero as close to the middle of the work area as possible, on a surfaced board and I have perfect V-Bit Carvings every time…

There’s a few videos on my YouTube channel (like the flag one) that shows this process in pretty good detail.

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