Engraving / PCB Trace Width Calculator

I got tired of pulling out my calculator to get the trace width for such and such depth and this bit angle but what’s the tip diameter.

Engraving / PCB Trace Width Calculator

This allows you to enter the bit angle and tip diameter and get the trace width with a % safety depth OR a set depth safety offset(because you wouldn’t want to mill 1.4 mils of copper at a depth of exactly 1.4 mil)

It also allows you to enter the bit angle, tip diameter, and depth of cut if you have something else in mind, like plastic or any other sort of non PCB engraving.

You can download a copy of this document and open it in your google documents drive or Microsoft excel. You should also be able to go to File and select “Make a Copy”

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I fixed an error in the Set Trace Width equation; if you already downloaded the spreadsheet you need to re-download it.

You can download it as a number of different file types, as well as “make a copy” for your own Google drive to modify the values.