Engraving text

I’m trying to engrave small text, 1/4" high, using a 27 degree V bit. I’m using Easel. I have set the cut depth to 0.002", but it is cutting the text at about .024", but very inconsistently. In one case, it cut all the way through my .09" material. The piece I need to make is 34" long, so I have to clamp it on the table sideways and I rotated my design, including the font, 90 degrees. When I do a test carve, not rotated, it seems to work fine. But when I try to carve the rotated font, it’s not right. Could that have something to do with it? I can’t figure out why. I’m doing this in Carbon Fiber plate, so the mistakes are getting expensive. Any ideas?

Share your easel link. And try a larger v bit. like 60-90 Degree.