Engraving two color acrylic tags

I have a 3018 type router/engraver. I am trying to make tags using the typical 2 color material for that purpose using easel. I am at two extremes when I attempt this. Either it only drills a few holes in the tag. Or it cuts all the way through the entire tag.

I have tried adjusting the settings and different bits to no avail.

Can someone supply the appropriate setting for this kind of material or is there a noob howto to do this. I have searched the site and the internet without any luck.

Thank you in advance.

What bit do you use?
What feed rate?
What depth per pass?

Do a 10mm jog command = 10mm actual motion?

A variety of bits. From 1/32 to 1/8.
.01 .02
The table moves easily.
I assumed there might be some standard settings for the two color acrylic material.

Go much faster. With a 1/8" tool, feed as fast as your machine can.

And if in doubt, go fast still but reduce depth per pass. It is more important to maintain a good feed rate.
Also, with plastics 1flute tools are generally better. Stay with the 1/8" tool for now, its more tolerant to abuse. 1/32" are finicky things and leave little margin for error.