Enter Bit by Part Number into Easel Bit Size Selection Pane

Proposed User Story:
As a user I want to option to enter the bit I am using into Easel using the Inventables Store Part Number.

Setting up to do a test cut in Aluminum.
I went to the store and bought some bits specifically for this test.
I am now about to enter the bit I want to use into easels I can start the cut.

Here is the screen I see:

When I look at the packaging the bit came in, this is what I see:

None of the information I need to fill in the screen is available on the packaging.
This is a poor user experience.

To increase usability, there are two options:
a) (non-preferred) print the required information for Easel on the packaging so i can easily access and use it without having to go to the inventables web site and look it up.
b) (preferred) have the option of entering the provided information into the Easel screen and have the required information looked up and automatically populated.


Why not use a downcut bit?

The idea with aluminum is to remove the chips away since they’ll be hot and if you don’t remove them, they may weld together and eventually to the bit. Again, downcut will push the chips down and cause issues.


As with Internet, everyone knows everything.
However everyone’s situation is different. A downcut end mill is fine with in some people’s situations (dust collection, thin stock, tool paths, etc…).
EDIT: the topic about bit selection is still valid and important to keep on topic.

Hi Malcolm,

This is an interesting idea. I will pass it along to our Easel development team. Thanks for the suggestion.