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Enterprise ship plate

I almost bought one of these the other day before i stopped and thought… “i’ve got my own CNC router, what am i doing!?”

So i will make one.

I’ve been trying to find a font in Easel which matches the text. I’ve started with “bitter” which is an easel Pro font however it doesn’t quite look right.
Heres a super quick very much first draft:

The board line is all wrong and the handwriting text at the bottom isn’t right. Need to keep playing


Create the design in a vector program (Illustrator or Inkscape - Free Option). Then you can use whatever fonts you want and import the design into Easel to cut it.


Yes, as the great @PhilJohnson has said and I will regurgitate

write your text in the font
select text
click “object to path”
verify by viewing as an outline
save as “optimized SVG”
import SVG file to Easel

…plaque looks cool btw