Epic Star Wars Baby Furniture

Hey makers!

Just wanted to share my Star Wars Baby Furniture that I made a little while ago. The rocker and high chair were both designed in illustrator, and cut on my X-Carve. I used one sheet of 1/2" ply for each piece.

You can see the videos of my builds on YouTube.


Insane! I love it!

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Nice! :slight_smile:

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I could care less about star wars… and I still love this!

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Yea this is epic.

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It’s cool. My kid probably won’t like Star Wars either.
I absolutely made this for myself. LoL.

When ZK himself comments = Win.


hey man absolutely love your stuff!!! quick question I’m new and was curious how I go about cutting out designs with my x carve

You’ll probably find more comprehensive guides in the Inventables Forums. I would recommend going through the Tips and Tricks section there. Start with something small and just keep experimenting.

Personally, I design everything in Adobe Illustrator, and then export to a SVG file in order to bring it into Easel. I spend a lot of time making sure my vector art is perfect. It helps to work in 1:1 scale, and create all of you line widths to correspond with the bit sizes you plan on using.

Once in Easel, I select the areas that just need detail cuts and set the depth accordingly. And then select a through cut for the stroke around the image. Pretty straight forward stuff once you get the hang of it.