Epoxy Bowl

So every time I have leftover resin for my projects, I would just pour it into a tupperware container. Now the container is full I would like to make some sort of bowl out of this epoxy. I’m sure it would look amazing on the inside as it gets cut out. My questions are,
What type of bit cuts well in epoxy.
What settings should I use.
How do you make a bowl with easel pro?


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Check out Winson Moy’s channel on Youtube; I believe he has some feeds/ speeds he has used on his Shapeoko. Different machine, but the parameters should be fairly close. You can always dial them up/down during the carve to get it just right.


Brandon Parker

Single flute, minimum RPM, fast and shallow :slight_smile:

If the epoxy layers are allowed to fully cure before next “refill” take note that epoxy dont bond very well on top of cured layers. The bond may be good enugh for your use :slight_smile: