Epoxy resin inlay

Did a test with tinted epoxy for a small computer desk. I did a simple v carve lightly sanded then coated with the tinted resin. After full cure i sanded off the excess resin then stained the wood. came out pretty cool.

imagine if i carved all the way through then put a light under …


Very nice. What did you tint the resin with? I bought some resin but I haven’t tried it out yet.

excellent work, a nice green LED light would look awesome :slight_smile:

Jeff i used resin pigment you can get it from Fiber Glass Florida or FibreGlast and i am sure other places as well. I have done smaller pieces with 5min epoxy and acrylic paint but this has weird effects on the resin. They have bar top epoxy that is thick has a long gel time, also relatively cheap

Thanks. I’ll check it out.

I use these epoxy coloring agents from West Marine by Evercoat.

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If your in a pinch you can use model paint to tint resin as well.