Epoxy Resin Sign

I watched a video from Phillip Lunsford here on epoxy resin use. I decided I wanted to give this technique a try. My wife and I recently tore out her garden borders and plants and completely redid her flower garden. What a great chance to make a few brownie points so this is the sign I decided to make. I used the West epoxy resin and slow hardener. Purchased acrylic paint from Michael’s. I used a red, blue, green and yellow. For some reason the red turned out ORANGE. Still scratching my head on that one.

The process is very easy and fun to do. Had to buy some syringes and needles as well as the paint and epoxy. I will put links to the products I used and a link to Philip’s video.

Thanks to Phillip for his inspiration in doing this new technique.

If you like working with colors I would encourage you to try this out. It was fun, came out nice and pretty easy to do.

Phillip Lunsford Epoxy Resin Video

Acrylic Paint

Epoxy Resin

Slow Hardener

Epoxy Pump Kit

30 ml Syringes

Syringe Tips


Nice job it looks super.

Awesome! I’m glad this worked out so well for you