Error code 8 and after com3 access denied a good mix of problems!

Hey all !

I had a situation today as xcarve stopped several times in the middle of cutting !
I checked machine inspector and as the job started as usual after few minutes on the events error 8 showed ! after that access com3 denied close and the xcontroller lost connection with the desktop.
As curious as it goes i started air cutting and all worked fine nothing stopped but still on the events i got error 8 !/
I opened the dewalt 611 for changing the brushes as a strange noise like im going dead comes out from it ) !.
Does anyone know how to fix error 8 pretty please?

a screenshot !

Had everything worked ok before this?
Try a different USB cable.
Sounds like an EMI issue.

Hey Neil

Yes i got the xcarve 12 months now and in total 400-500 hours in use.
It seems the strange noise that dewalt made waS from the brushes as now stopped work at all ! I will change them tomorrow.
But how can that affect the -com3 access denied close- message ? As when i make air carving everything works well ?

The router is a huge source of that electrical noise.
Check out @HaldorLonningdal’s comment here:
Help, Random loss of connection during carve

Nice thread, thanks Neil /
I will change the brushes and then check

‘’'Please try a seperately powered USB-hub. You may have some RF noise either within the Xcarve or somewhere else in the house that cause a USB drop-out. Getting a solid 5V fed to teh USB via the hub have much better noise attenuating properties.

Another excellent source of RF-noise is brushed motors like the Dewalt and similar. Typically they are okay but if the brushes are close to being worn out they will spark more and cause a lot of noise.

Not sure this is the case here but it is plausible.’’’