Error creating tool paths

Following the instructions in the error message to post this code here.

Please help

Error message Error: Failed to execute ‘postMessage’ on ‘DedicatedWorkerGlobalScope’: Data cannot be cloned, out of memory.

If you can share the project as shown in the 2nd half of this video, the community can review the project. Without sharing only staff can see it (in not staff)

But also, can you take a screenshot of the cut settings because these don’t stay when the project is shared unfortunately. And post that image here.

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Oh also check this out. Made for a different user, may help.

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Thanks Seth, this is the file, it’s the infamous alligator file.

It should be shared now.

as far as settings, I originally had it set to use a 1/16 ball nose bit for finishing, but this seemed to be where it would time out. I changed that to a 1/8" ball nose it and it processed fine. I’ll try doing this in Firefox to see if I get better results.

Seth, thanks again. The switch to firefox helped tremendously.

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