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I work at a library Makerspace where students connect their own laptops to Carvey. Each student has their own Easel account. As of yesterday, an error message appears that states we must use Easel Pro to make our carves.

Why did this just start happening? Was it the latest driver update?

Are we only allowed to use one computer with one account?

How can I fix this without getting the PRO version of Easel? We just don’t have the funds right now.

Because a pro feature is part of the project. Most likely a vbit or a pro font, or a pro design library design element. Can you share the project? I’ll take a look at what’s pushing it into pro realm

No updates to the driver since like 2018.

No, easel will run perfectly well across multiple pcs at the same time, in fact this is how the free educator account is described… such that the teacher will share the account with multiple students l.

Thank you for replying. I’ve been using Carvey for 2 years and I know what fonts, bits, and cuts to use that don’t require PRO.

This was a usual practice cut, of cutting out a star shape. That is all -Same wood, same bit. I do this when I am teaching Easel and Carvey to a student.

Tried it on several laptops. Updated all laptops with new driver updates.

Edit: I think the free account for teachers is a Pro account.

Yes the educator offer for a free account is easel PRO.

The drivers are irrelevant to the design pushing it into pro.

Can you share a project where you see this issue?

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This simple cut brings up the message.

I found this info for the free account vs the Pro.

Doesn’t show as requiring pro on my end.
Can you get a screenshot of the message?
Running now without Pro…

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I’ll 2nd that one…

@Laurilynng I’m not sure if you’ve changed something, OR as you might have identified by circling that multiple machine profiles line there… IF you had created multiple machine profiles during a time when your account did have PRO (even that first free month) and then that PRO lapsed, you might get stuck seeing that error until you go in and delete all but one of the profiles. :man_shrugging:

Do You think this might be what’s going on?

I think that is the problem. We will just need to get a Pro account. Applying for the educator’s now. Thanks for your help!

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