Error message ....We can't find your machine automatically

I have used my x-carve machine with pro installed for over 4 years. always reliable . I used several days ago and when i went to use today I am getting a pop up stating “we can’t find your machine automatically” I’ve checked usb ports, driver, (even downloaded driver again).
everything looks fine with my laptop, recognizes usb ports, sees driver, etc. Nothing else is running that would block it. Any ideas about what is happening?

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With the usb plugged in and the cnc powered on, restart the computer. Open easel and try again.

If still doesnt work go to device manager>ports.
Right click on the port and go to propertied and check the com port # and if its #1-3 youll want to manually change the port # assignment. You can go into advanced settings and change the port # to 4 or higher unused number and then try easel again…

I have same problem Not sure why it happens but I unplug USB cable and plug back in seems to fix it

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